Benny Goodman


Early Days

Benny Goodman was born in 1909 to a Jewish immigrant family in Chicago. From an early age, he began to show musical talent. At 10, he began learning the clarinet. His training was classical, but he was influenced by musicians from New Orleans playing in Chicago.

By 16, Goodman was already playing in a professional jazz band. Soon he was making his own recordings. Later, he left Chicago for New York City. It wouldn't be long until he had a group of his own.

Swing Era

After a stint on NBC's Let's Dance radio program in 1934, The Benny Goodman Orchestra soon became well known across the country. It was around this time many say that Goodman ignited the swing era.

The Goodman Orchestra kept a busy schedule touring nationwide. In 1937, Goodman made history by being the first jazz big band to play the Carnegie Hall.

Some of The Benny Goodman Orchestra's popular songs were:



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