About The Host

Steve Ward's passion for music began when his deejay father handed him a stack of promotional 45s. After that he knew he would be making his living with music. Steve began his career as a rock radio announcer, working for such Northwest stations as KZAM and KEZX.

Joining the business world

Later on, Steve joined the world of business music as a program director, working for two established in-store music companies, Muzak and PlayNetwork Inc.

While at Muzak, Steve put in place the DBS programming department and successfully launched over 60 new formats. At PlayNetwork, he managed the company's first web presence and worked with many national brands to create custom music mixes. Today he independently consults music sites such as UMix Media.

Back to radio

In 2005, Steve once again took the microphone on FM radio. After discovering KSER by chance, he quickly conceived of a unique show idea. He called it: Jazz in the Schools.

Featuring jazz music from student musicians, Jazz in the Schools won the coveted Tenuto Award from the Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival in 2007, for helping for further the cause of music education.

In 2009, Steve brought The Big Bandstand to Saturday mornings on KSER.


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